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  1. Nick uzytkownika / admina na którego wplywa zgloszenie: Kill3r3K [SP] Jego SteamID: STEAM_1: 1: 121 195 853 Wyjasnienie: This guy has aimhack he's ranked nova and this is his ridiculous "reflexes", he has smooth aimhack and it is hard to see the demo in normal speed, but if u watch the demo in 1/4x speed then u will notice his aimflicks that are so fast despite the 1/4x speed and thats ridiculious, Take a look at this rounds of his shoot/kills, round 1, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14 och 17. His shoots are not legit like normal shoots! Notice: PLEASE watch the demo 1/4x speed in "demoui in cs go console!" Dowody DEMO auto0-20180529-221639-322892542-workshop_138747016_awp_minecraft_crash_go-_PL__InfinityCore.pl__PokeMod _-_ Viridian__GEN3_.dem
  2. Hi johnny, remember this, there is invcredible cheat providers out there that makes insane legit hacks, they are very hard to detect, what am saying is that i had a random guy in my friends list in steam, and that guy got overwatch banned because he used this kind of hack that he is using, only in slowmotion u can detect this kind of hacks, im just telling information, i dont know if u watched the demo in slow motion 1/4x speed, u clearly see his aim assist. I posted the demo so u dont nedded to dig around. Thank you 4 taking ur time!
  3. Nick uzytkownika / admina na którego wplywa zgloszenie: MaJsteR෴ InfinityCore.plJego SteamID: STEAM_1:1:168964006Wyjasnienie: This guy has aimhack, im 100% sure of that, i have seen this type of hackers before on overwatch. this guys aim is not even on the enemies body when he shoots, as soon as he shoots his aim flicks perfectly onto enemies body, aimbot i call it, his 3 kills in round 11 explains it all watch carefully his kills in 1/4x speed, look how his aim flicks, his not even aiming at the enemie but still kills the enemie. I hope u guys understand this and ban him, i have analyzed this guy much, he calls himself admin what a disgrace... Notice: You must WATCH the demo in 1/4x speed to se his aimbot!Dowody: DEMO auto0-20180524-150950-1078242727-workshop_138747016_awp_minecraft_crash_go-_PL__InfinityCore.pl__PokeMod_-_Viridian__GEN3_.dem
  4. yeah his obv hacker i have seen him before! abn this hacker!
  5. Hi Johnny, okey i will updated the post when i have more proof! :)
  6. Nick uzytkownika / admina na którego wplywa zgloszenie: Dakai InfinityCore.pl Jego SteamID: STEAM_1:1:178188397 Wyjasnienie: This guy is a bit tricky, but im 100% sure he has wh, take look at round 8, min 1:55 look how he foollows the guy through wall and then sprays and kills, hes trying to not be detected but that is wh. Another example round 14, min 1:45 so here he tries very much to hide his wh 2 situatins here, he sees the guy and flicks his aim at him then fast aiming somewhere else he tried to hide it but he failed, another flick aim through wall in same round, min 1:22 he aimed at the guy then he relised fast that he has wh and tried to not be detected, he clearly has wh. Here is another wh in same round min 0:25, here it shows by his reactions that he has wh, he dont have that good game sense i mean look the way he play. Here is the best one, round 18, min 1:55, look how he backs when he know hes coming for him and hes aim placement but still kills the guy, short after that he random wallbangs and the enemy jumps down and he didnt saw him and he reacts fast and backs and uses his skill, because he have wh and knows that, remember he reacts before the enemy hits the ground so u dont say he ''heard him jump down'' no way he haerd that! I hope this guy gets banned, if u want more proof i will update the thread. Dowody: DEMO auto0-20180512-110154-1426611320-workshop_701278781_de_westwood_big-_PL__InfinityCore.pl__PokeMod_-_Viridian__GEN3_.dem
  7. Ty johnny i have studied this guy very much and i have more suspects!
  8. Nick uzytkownika / admina na którego wplywa zgloszenie: Pitbull PiotrQa @InfinityCore.PL Jego SteamID: STEAM_10194314843 Wyjasnienie: He has wh and I can see it very clearly. At the beginning of the round 5, you clearly sees how he follows the player through two walls until he sees and shoots, he does not seen the player before. Another example in round 8, 2:30 min, he follows the guy with his aim through wall as he moves behind the wall left and right, then he shoots where the guy makes his pick. that shows how obvius this guy is, this guy is walhacker and i hope he gets banned! if u need more proof tell me but that is enough in my eyes. im a pro overwatcher, i want a fair cs game! Dowody: DEMO auto0-20180512-104330-1974175560-workshop_138747016_awp_minecraft_crash_go-_PL__InfinityCore.pl__PokeMod_-_Viridian__GEN3_.dem.tar.gz
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